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Brian, Fred Lantz, Smokey

Smokey signs autographs 


Arlin Greene, Smokey, Chan Goodnow, Fred Lantz

Arlin, Bob Denoncourt, Dave Dalton, Smokey

Smokey, Fred Pike, Dave Dalton, Perley Curtis

Don Stover's festival in Ohio
Smokey, Fred Lantz, Arlin

Smokey Greene and Friends
Smokey, Bob & Grace French and other musicians generally performed 'Rojo' at the festivals

In this picture we have Perley Curtis, Fred Pike, Grace French, Smokey, and Fred Lantz


Perley Curtis, Fred Pike, Arlin Greene, Smokey, Fred Lantz, Dotty Martin [?]


Fred Lantz, Bob Denoncourt, Dave Dalton, Smokey Greene, Al Hawkes

Howie Dearborn, Bob French, Smokey

Gary Blodgett, Fred Lantz, Smokey Greene, ?

Here is a link about Gary Click Here


Joe Val, Herb Appelin, Smokey

Don Stover and Pat Greene in center

Smokey and Bob Denoncourt

Smokey and Gene at the Pinal County Historical Museum, Florence, AZ
October 2010

Midge and Smokey Tortilla Flat, Arizona
October 2010
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