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Kennebec Valley Boys backed Simon for shows and recordings. Note dirty sock for windscreen on mic

Bill Kimball (behind the column), Fred Pike, Simon, Bob Denoncourt, Sam (Thibodeau) Tidwell

From a different angle. Now Bob is behind a column.

Fiddles or old machinery? What are they talking about? Simon St. Pierre, well known Canadian fiddler who lived in Maine, and Jerry Lundy fiddler in his cousin's band, Ted Lundy and Southern Mtn Boys, at Smokey Greene's BGF in Corinth, NY.

Herb Hamel (anesthesiologist/musician) and Sam (Thibodeau) Tidwell at White Owl Pavillion in Skowhegan, Maine. Bobby Fletcher (Misty Mountaineers) and Bob Denoncourt in background. Bob had a broken leg at this time. Perley Curtis on Dobro behind Herb. Herb had his own band - Herbie and the Heartbeats.

Danville Junction Boys - Bobby Boothby 2nd from left


Remember "A Daisy A Day"? 

Sam and Fred Pike on tour with Jud Strunk.

This was taken at VMI (Virginia Military Institute) 1975

Jud is 2nd from the left in the back

Bob Denoncourt, Boo Harnois, Fred Etheridge at PeeWee Harnois's. Note the Don Stover poster in the back. Many New England acts played in this room

About 30 years later (September 2002) at Bill Hall's camp

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Bob Denoncourt, Fred Etheridge and Bill Hall (Northwind), Bob's son Jim Denoncourt (Wild Horse Drive - Reno, NV Click here  )

Fred Etheridge and Bill Hall of Northwind and Fred's son Jeff.

A take off on the Country Gentlemen's Traveler album. Fred Etheridge paddling with his Martin, Bob pointing the way, and George Woodmunsie hoping he wouldn't rock the boat. George was afraid of water but was such a good sport about this.

Dave Dalton (Bluegrass Supply Company), Joe Kennedy (now of Evergreen), and Bob Denoncourt (Bluegrass Supply Company) at Saunders' Apple Blossom jam

Dave (Budge) Dalton and son Jeff Budge harmonizing. Bill Smith on the right. Jeff took over Bob Denoncourt's bass and vocal duties when Bob left for Arizona.

Bill Smith and Dave Dalton (Maine natives), Bob Denoncourt (RI) and Fred Pike (CT).

Bob and Grace French head for the stage at Smokey's 1978

Grace signs autographs for the kids

Al Hawkes - musician and record producer (Event Records in Maine) - and Bob

Herb Applin, Bob, Don Stover, Jack Tottle, Carl Rebello

Carl Rebello, renowned New England fiddler who was inducted into MA Country Music Hall of Fame, played fiddle for Don Stover back in the days when Bob was a member of WOMB. Top: with WOMB, Left: October 2003 about 30 years later.

Bob Denoncourt, Joe Val (New England Bluegrass Boys), and Bob French (Bob and Grace and the Rainbow Valley Folk)

Bob adjusts the mic for his friend Yodelin' Slim Clark of St. Albans, Maine. Slim played most of the Bluegrass festivals adding great crowd appeal. He was inducted into the Yodelin' Hall of Fame. He named his son Wilf after Wilf Carter another famous yodeler.

Bob and Bill Kimball when they were Kennebec Valley boys

Bob and Dave Dalton of Bluegrass Supply

Indian Ranch BGF 1972....Joe Val and the New England Bluegrass Boys

Indian Ranch BGF 1972....Joe Val and the New England Bluegrass Boys

Greg Boardman with Northern Valley Boys back in the '70s
Greg is still playing/teaching music after all of these years.
Information on his band, Boardman and Sons can be found by
following this link.
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