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Fred Pike and his brother Earl. The young lady was Earlene Pike.

Another picture contributed by Dave Thibodeau 

"Role reversal : The only known pic of Dad with an electric bass in hand, mid 60's. Dad, Earl Pike, Earl's kids Gordon and Earline, Fred " and Dave Papuga.

This picture was contributed by Darlene Champagne

Earl Pike, Darlene Champagne, Connie Smith, and Fred Pike
Taken in Norwich, CT in the late 60s

"I grew up with the Pike Family and sang with the Pine Hill Ranchers band and Fred's neice Earlene. She and I planed to record together before she got sick. I made my first 45 record with Fred and Earl when Earl was part owner of Rebel Records. My dad was Willie Champagne. He, Fred and Earl were good friends. Some of my earliest memories were being at each others homes all the time playing music. They had musicians dropping in from time to time, such as Don Reno and Mac Wiseman. Fred's nephew Gordie were I got together in February when he and his wife Gail were here in South Carolina. I also talked to Earl and Nita recently. I am playing with a group here in South Carolina. You can listen to some of my music at this link . You can also click on the link to my website below."

Bob, Fred, and friends

Banjo Summit at Smokey Greene's Festival

Fred Pike's car

Fred is seated in the car; Don Stover leans against the door; Don Reno squats in front. Possibly Raymond McClain with the hat with his back to us.


Jimmy Gaudreau (of Spectrum at this time) with mentor Fred Pike probably 1977 at Smokey Greene's festival

Jimmy's first recording was with Fred Pike, Bill Rawlings & The Twin River Boys back in 1965

In Al Hawkes's studio recording
Fred Pike & The Flat Top Guitar
For Revonah Records
September and October 1977

Fred Lantz, Dave Dalton, Bob Denoncourt, Fred Pike, Perley Curtis

The KVB with Billy at Fred's fest, 1992.

Bill Kimball, Dave Thibodeau, Fred, Sam and Billy Thiobdeau

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