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Bob and Ed Ferris


Bob, Joe Val, Bob French

September 1981

Perley Curtis (went on to work with Holly Dunn and Loretta Lynn), Chris Lee, Bob

This is going to be important, I'd better sit down.

Bob (back to) Bill Harrell (Reno & Harrell), and Sam Thibodeau (seated with pipe)

Bob and Smokey Greene at Smokey's festival in Upstate NY

Bob and Smokey a couple of decades later. This was taken in FL

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Smokey's Website 

Smokey Greene interviewed by Herb Sudzin at the 2010 Wind Gap Bluegrass Festival.YouTube
I Just Don't Look Good Naked Anymore at YouTube
He Did It Like a Man at YouTube
More songs on YouTube YouTube
Butter Beans on vodpod VodPod

Bob and Grace - pun intended. Grace French and her husband Bob were a New England fixture for years - Bob & Grace and the Rainbow Valley Folks (I think)

Bob joining the Prospectors at Carl Allen's Cafe in Auburndale, FL

Bob and Jerry Williamson - Sound Engineer, Musician, Song Writer

2BBs and ½ B

Doug Driskell, Bob, Steve Dilling (IIIrd Tyme Out)

Jamming with the legendary Curtis McPeak of Danny Davis and the Nashville Brass at the Cochran Bluegrass Festival in Georgia Fall 1999. Sam is in the yellow shirt just barely visible behind Don Ripple and Ted Locke (back to - fiddler). Don and Ted were original members of the Orange Blossom Special  band. Don's wife Mary is playing the bass.

Russell Moore (IIIrd Tyme Out) Cochran BGF May 2000

Doug Driskell (bus driver and occasional fill-in bass vocalist for IIIrd Tyme Out), Jason Moore (James King Band at that time but now with Mountain Heart, Bob at Cochran, Georgia May 2000

Jammin' with Jason

Later that evening. Billy Thibodeau, Jason, Bob

Bob, Doug Driskell, Steve Dilling (IIIrd Tyme Out), Sam

Pickin', grinnin', and singin' at

Yeehaw Junction, FL Bluegrass Festival January 2000

Billy Thibodeau (Sam's son) and Bob - also at Cochran where Cypress Creek played. Bob and Sam were founding members of Cypress Creek

Bob visits with Mike Hartgrove of Lonesome River Band formerly of IIIrd Tyme Out

Gettysburg Bluegrass Festival August 2002

Bob and Ricky Simpkins ( of The Isaacs formerly of Lonesome River Band) pause for a photo op while chatting at the Gettysburg Bluegrass Festival May 2002

"Remember when you played at Indian Ranch in Webster, MA?" Bob asks Charlie Waller of the Country Gentlemen. Smokey Greene's Bluegrass Festival mid 70s

Almost 30 years later, Bob shows Charlie Waller the picture to the left - and others we had of him that we thought he might want.

Gettysburg BGF August 2002

Charlie Waller reads a song someone had written that touched him. He read it to us between sets at a show at the Haymarket town green. The trailer in the background is the stage. Note the audience on the lawn. It was a wonderful setting for an outdoor Bluegrass show for the amazingly low cost of $2.00 each! We were in Bluegrass Heaven.

Randy Waller and Bob Huck Finn in Victorville, CA 2008 remembering Smokey Greene Festivals

Lynn Morris Winchester, VA 2002

When we were in Gainesville, VA Haymarket was almost in our backyard. The Bluemont Summer Concerts of Northern Virginia brought Bluegrass to this small town which played such an important role in the Civil War. We got to see several of the top Bluegrass bands including the Seldom Scene. Here Bob chats with Lou Reid

Bob, Steve Day & Randy Graham of Dave Parmely and Contental Divide at the Tucson Bluegrass Festival

Bob and Greg Morton, Tucson Bluegrass festival

Milo (DJ for KXCI Tucson), Bob, John Thompson

Bob and John are founding members of Copper River

Ted Locke (a founding member of Cypress Creek) swaps stories with long time friend, Vassar Clements at the Magnolia Bluegrass Festival (FL) May 2001 as Bob and Clint Dockery listen. Clint was with Cypress Creek and is now back with Bits of Bluegrass which was founded when he was a child.

Jim Govern, Bob, and John Thompson (founding members of Copper River) harmonize with Bob's best friend from the old High Strung days (Reno) Charlie Edsall who at that time was working with Ron Spears. Ron joins in on the fun. Prescott, AZ

Terry Baucom (Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver) chats with Bob at the Bullhead City, AZ Bluegrass festival across the Colorado River from Laughlin, NV

Fran and Bob Denoncourt with fellow Rhode Islander Jimmy Gaudreau touring with the Country Gentlemen in Tucson, AZ where we lived at that time (about 1983)

Raymond McClain (McClain Family Band) and Bob

Jamming with Billy Parker and Doug Piper in Prescott, AZ June 2005

left to right: Bob, Doug, Jim Govern, John Thompson, and Billy

Mark Delaney [banjo] of Country Gentlemen and Bob Huck Finn in Victorville, CA 2008

Bob played bass for Don Stover who was one of Mark's heroes.

Adam Poindexter of Country Gentlemen and Bob at Huck Finn Festival in Victorville, CA 2008

IIIrd Tyme Out Concert at Brewery Arts Center Carson City, NV
Jim Denoncourt, Steve Dilling, Bob Denoncourt, and Russell Moore
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